Poor White Trash

(Poor White Trash)

Item: original US Onesheet movie poster
SKU: 23321
Size: 27x41 in (69x104 cm)
Additions: folded
Condition: Fine
Release Date : R66
Country : United States
Delivery Time: : 3-5 days in Germany, 1-2 weeks worldwide
Re-titled US Onesheet movie poster. The film was originally released as BAYOU in 1957. Upon its original release, it performed poorly, so when the rights fell back to him, producer M.A. Ripps added some new footage (mainly extra nudity) and came up with this campaign. The film ran for years in the Drive-In cinemas of the American South. With Peter Graves, Lita Milan, Timothy Carey, directed by Harold Daniels.
Genre: Exploitation, Trash
Special Interest: 1950s, Typography
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