The Prodigal Son

(Der verlorene Sohn)

Item: re-release german movie poster
SKU: 23856
Size: 23x33 in (59x84 cm)
Additions: folded
Condition: Very Fine
Release Date: R50
Country: Germany
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Original german movie poster for the 1950 re-release of Luis Trenker's best film. The film is still very much worth watching, both for the Cinema Verité style footage of New York in the depression era and Christmas Eve Rauhnacht celebrations in Bavaria. Also, the film had the dubious honor to be banned by both parts of divided Germany after World War 2: While the Americans didn't like the depiction of poor people in New York, the Soviets were appaled by the blood and soil mentality in the Bavarian parts of the film. Starring and directed by Luis Trenker.
Genre: Drama, Sports
Special Interest: 1930s, Hills and Mountains
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