(James Bond 007 - Goldfinger)

Item: original release US 8x10 stills
SKU: 22507
Size: 8x10 in (20x25 cm)
Additions: unfolded
Condition: Near Mint
Release Date : 1964
Country : United States
Delivery Time: : 3-5 days in Germany, 1-2 weeks worldwide
A lot of three original release US 8x10 scenes, including a great portrait shot of Connery with the true star of the film, the Aston Martin DB5. Also included is the laser gun scene, my personal favorite moment from the entire Bond series. These two still are in great condition, the third one is lightly trimmed at the bottom border. With Sean Connery as James Bond 007, directed by Guy Hamilton.
Genre: James Bond
Special Interest: 1960s, Cars, James Bond
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