Ivan's Childhood

(Iwans Kindheit)

Item: original release Russian publicity stills (10)
SKU: 23751
Size: 9x12 in (24x30 cm)
Additions: unfolded
Condition: Near Mint
Release Date: 1962
Country: Russia
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A lot of ten original black-and-white stills for the Russian arthouse classic. These are definitely from the original release, but aside from the German title written on the back of one of them, I have no clue where they were made. They were found in the estate of somebody closely linked the Berlin Film Festival at the time, so my guess is that these were struck in the former USSR and shipped to Berlin. Singleweight paper, light corner bumps, overall very nice. Directed by Andrej Tarkovsky (Tarkowski).
Genre: Arthouse
Special Interest: 1960s, Black-n-White, Photography
€300.00 *

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