La Belle et la Bete - Beauty and the Beast

(Es war einmal - Die Schöne und die Bestie)

Item: re-release german movie poster (R49)
SKU: 24866
Size: 23x33 in (59x84 cm)
Additions: folded
Condition: Very Fine
Release Date: R49
Country: Germany
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Very rare original german movie poster, from first re-release 1949. Internationale Film Allianz (IFA) distribution was installed by the French Military Goverment. Their work began in 1947 ended with the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany in May 1949. It seems that the short-lived history of the IFA began and ended with this film: They first released it for german audiences in April 1947. This re-release poster was printed in February 1949, so it was most likely the last film they showed as well. Actual size of the poster is 57x71 cm (22.5x28 in). With Jean Marais, Jesette Day, directed Jean Cocteau.
Genre: Classics, Fantasy
Special Interest: 1940s, Graphic Design, Monsters
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