The Acid Eaters

(The Acid Eaters)

Item: original release US Onesheet movie poster
SKU: 23744
Size: 27x41 in (69x104 cm)
Additions: folded
Condition: Fine
Release Date : 1967
Country : United States
Delivery Time: : 3-5 days in Germany, 1-2 weeks worldwide
Extremely rare original release US Onesheet movie poster for the counterculture-hippies-drugs classic. Easily the best exploitation poster from the period. There are a few small spots of period censorship and a printing crease in the image center and a light extra fold. Still displays very well as is, but could be easily restored for a perfect appearance. With Ernie F. Orsatti, Judy Wood, Buck Kartalian, directed by Byron Mabe.
Genre: Exploitation, Highlights
Special Interest: 1960s, Drugs, Hippies
€800.00 *

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