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    FUNNY FACE (1957)

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Welcome to our collection of original, mostly vintage cinema posters from all over the world. These posters were originally made for cinema advertising only, never offered for sale to the general public, and never intended to become subject to the lively collector‘s market we enjoy today.  [read more]

A few random choices from our inventory...

  • Hong Kong Movie Stars - original Hong Kong poster
  • Campus Pussycats - original release german movie poster
  • Go for it, Baby - original release german movie poster
  • Why does Herr R. run Amok? - original german poster
  • Licence to Kill - original release german poster
  • The Hunter - original release US onesheet movie poster
  • Love and Death - original release german movie poster
  • A Clockwork Orange - original UK Lobby Card
  • Santo contra el estrangulador - original argentine poster
  • A Married Woman - Un Femme Mariée - original movie poster re-release japanese poster
  • M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder - re-release german movie poster
  • Santo en el Museo de Cera - Santo in the Wax Museum - original mexican poster
  • Die  grosse Käseverschwörung - original german poster
  • Dances with Wolves - original release US Onesheet movie poster
  • Lady sings the Blues - original release British Onesheet movie poster
  • Star Trek: First Contact - original release US Onesheet movie poster
  • Hulot's Holiday - re-release german movie poster
  • Scorpio - original release french poster
  • Hook Line and Sinker - original release german movie poster
  • Tout va bien - original release large french movie poster