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Galerie filmposter.net - 100% original movie posters since 1996

Welcome to our collection of original, mostly vintage cinema posters from all over the world. These posters were originally made for cinema advertising only, never offered for sale to the general public, and never intended to become subject to the lively collector‘s market we enjoy today.  [read more]

A few random choices from our inventory...

  • The Holy Mountain - original german poster
  • The Fly - original release dutch movie poster
  • Citizen Kane - original italian poster
  • Cleopatra Jones - original release british quad movie poster
  • A Rage to Live - original German poster
  • Man Friday - original polish poster
  • Peking Opera Blues - original release german movie poster
  • The Defiant Ones - original release German movie poster
  • A Punch to Revenge - original Hong Kong poster
  • Monterey Pop - original release belgian movie poster
  • Cry-Baby - original release german movie poster
  • Fritz the Cat - original release danish movie poster
  • Deadly Weapons - original release german movie poster
  • Rhapsody in August - original release german movie poster
  • A Bug's Life - original movie poster US Advance Onesheet Style E
  • Det sjunde inseglet - The Seventh Seal - original US college movie poster
  • Wayne's World - original release german movie poster
  • Rope - original release US trade ad
  • Duel in the Sun - re-release belgian movie poster
  • The Maltese Falcon - re-release german movie poster