• High Noon

    DECEMBER 2014:

  • Husaren in Berlin


  • Poster

    FUNNY FACE (1957)

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Welcome to our collection of original, mostly vintage cinema posters from all over the world. These posters were originally made for cinema advertising only, never offered for sale to the general public, and never intended to become subject to the lively collector‘s market we enjoy today.  [read more]

A few random choices from our inventory...

  • Coal Miner's Daughter - original release czech movie poster
  • Magdalena and the Devil - original german movie poster
  • The Black Moses of Soul - original release US Onesheet movie poster
  • Kinosommer - original release east-german movie poster
  • Fantasia 2000 - original movie poster re-release US onesheet
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail - original release german poster
  • The Prince of Egypt - original german poster
  • Tomorrow never dies - original release german movie poster
  • Triumphs of a Man called Horse - original east-german poster
  • The Mad Executioners - original german movie poster
  • Filmfestspiele Berlin 1995 - original German festival poster
  • The Handmaid's Tale - original german poster
  • Ghetto Freaks - original release US Onesheet movie poster
  • Tiger and Dragon - original german advance poster set
  • Panische Zeiten - original german poster
  • The Cat in the Hat - original US onesheet
  • Planet of the Apes - original release german movie poster
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage - original release german movie poster
  • School-Girl Report - original german movie poster
  • Run Lola Run - original german poster