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Welcome to the Galerie filmposter.net webshop. My name is Helmut Hamm. For over 20 years I have been buying and selling only authentic, mostly vintage cinema posters from all over the world. Among the several thousand different posters offered on this site, there's something for pretty much everybody and every budget, so please have a look around!
All posters you see here can be viewed in person anytime. When in town, please be sure to visit my Showroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The posters offered on this website were originally made for cinema advertising, they were never offered for sale to the general public, and were never intended to become part of a collector‘s market.  [read more]

A few random choices from our inventory...

  • The Jungle Book - original release small czech movie poster
  • Throne of Blood - re-release german movie poster
  • Ninja in the Dragon's Den - original release Hong Kong movie poster
  • Operation Stardust - original release german doublepanel movie poster
  • Polar - original release german movie poster
  • Die another Day - original release german poster
  • A Clockwork Orange - original release german movie poster
  • Gothic - original release german movie poster
  • 10 to Midnight - original release german movie poster
  • Blue Velvet - original release italian movie poster
  • Go to Blazes - original release British Quad movie poster
  • Godzilla 2000 - original movie poster
  • A doppia faccia - A Double Face - original release german movie poster
  • Shaft - original release german movie poster
  • Caddyshack - original release US Onesheet movie poster
  • Boot Hill - original release east-german movie poster
  • Andrej Rublev - re-release East-German movie poster
  • Rhapsody in August - original release german movie poster
  • Kelly's Heroes - original release german lobby card
  • Un Flic - Dirty Money - original release french billboard movie poster