Send in the Clowns: THE DARK CARNIVAL

THE DARK CARNIVAL is a curated permanent exhibition, displaying rare circus and movie posters, folk art, movie props and much more. With exhibits & curios dating from as far back as the 1920s, all the way up to 2022.

The installation sheds a light on the abyss of human desires, the carnal side of our existence and the eternal inner struggle between Good and Evil.

A special focus lies on the particular character of the clown, one of the most unsympathetic and dubious creatures in the history of mankind. Exhibition Exhibition

SELLS AND GRAY CIRCUS: Original US stock poster, ca. 1960. Production used clown prop mask from ALIENS, CLOWNS & GEEKS (2019). VERBOTEN: German Litfass-column poster (1962). CIRCUS: Original artwork für a British Double Crown poster, W.E. Berry Printers Bradford, 1960s. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1972) Dim Droog latex mask (reproduction). Images: Rockin' H Publishing.