Beware of the Axe Killer Cowboy!

May 6, 2024

John B. Stetson was born on May 5, 1830. The Postercowboy saw the light of this world on the exact same day, 134 years later. Which could be merely a coincidence, of course.

Be that as may, yesterday marked my 60th birthday. I actually couldn’t care less about birthday celebrations, but Mrs. Postercowboy has a decidedly different attitude towards these matter, so yesterday I was in for a surprise party.

Welcome to

Woodcutter Berlin

where we met a few close friends and spent the afternoon throwing axes! I had actually heard about this place before and always thought about going there but it ended up being one of the things I never got around doing and eventually forgot about.

Silly as it may sound, throwing axes is actually a lot of fun! Like any other sport, it does take some training to really get the hang of it, but it is serious fun from the very beginning. The first things they teach you at Woodcutter is the overhand throw, as seen in the image below. I did ok with that, but not great either.

Back in my teenage days, I liked to throw knives, mostly practising an underhand swing. Turned out ‘trick shot’ axe throwing uses pretty much the same technique I trained back then. Though I haven’t thrown a knife for about 45 years, the underhand throw came back quite natural and I turned out to be pretty good at it. Not that I could actually aim the axe, but hitting the board turned out a fairly easy task from the get go. Not bad for a first day I thought.

Advertising Break: I just checked my website and noticed that while I have a number of posters for William Castle’s gimmick films (that can all be seen HERE) what I do not have is a US Onesheet movie poster for HOMICIDAL, the one with the wonderful tagline ‘WARNING! Strait-Jacket vividly depicts axe murders!’ What a crying shame.

But since it was my birthday, I was in for my own privat axe murder! I managed to slice up my victim from the bottom with a couple of throws, so that its ‘sweet meats’ fell out but the entire thing stayed intact and I could take it home for a souvenir.

After the successful kill, the guys from Woodcutter made a Polaroid:

I think this turned out quite amazing, looks to me like something that could’ve come from a 1970s stalker and slasher movie. I love it!

To complete a perfect afternoon, we had burgers. Sixteen or sixty: Who cares!!!

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