Spring in Berlin!

April 6, 2024

Today we have 23° C (73° F) and sunshine in Berlin and, as always in the first days of spring, the city becomes so much attractive!

The Postercowboy has always been a fashion victim of his own device, so this a great opportunity to show off a couple of recent aquisitions: As much as I love my felt cowboy hat Texas Hatters (www.texashatters.com) made for me many moons ago, it is decidedly too warm for summer, so I was looking for an alternative. I ended up getting a Stetson Open Road in vented straw:

Stetson invented this model in 1937. It has been around ever since and has been worn by presidents and entertainment stars alike.

Currently, Stetson shows an image of Lyle Lovett on their homepage with his Open Road. That’s the guy who wrote ‘Don’t touch me Hat’:

If it’s her you want
I don’t care about that
You can have my girl
But don’t touch my hat

If you’re not familiar with this one, look it up on Youtube. Great guy, great song.

Also, after some 30+ years I decided to retire my Ray Bans and upgrade to a pair of Persol 649 sunglasses. This model has been around since the 1950s, but it was of course made famous by Steve McQueen who wore them prominently in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR and also briefly in LE MANS, THE GETAWAY and BULLITT.

Advertising Break: I have a really nice linenbacked THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR Onesheet for sale:


And just in case anyone has a nice condition copy of the original German poster that shows the Persol glasses for sale: Please drop me a note!

Actually, McQueen did not wear the 649, but the folding version that is labeled 714. Needless to say, I was originally planning to get a pair of 714s, but my optrician said they don’t stock them any more because the folding mechanism is not very reliable and the screws come loose after a while, causing the frame to become instable. Obviously, I don’t need that. Plus, the folding mechanism has more metal bling-bling at the nose bridge and on the sides and they are almost €100 more expensive than the regular version.

These are pretty BIG glasses, much bigger than my old Ray Bans, but they do look mighty cool and I like them a lot.

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