Happy Holidays!

By on December 24, 2022

Another weird year at Casa Postercowboy comes to an end and once again it is time to say thank you to all of you out there who supported me through the year.

I still find it amazing that I managed to survive in the movie poster business for 27 years by now, 23 years as a full-time business, and 19 years as a shop owner. It has not always been easy, but every single day of the year, it still beats getting a job!

When I opened my first shop in 2004, Galerie filmposter.net was the only gallery in Germany that exclusively sold vintage, international movie posters. Almost twenty years ago, online competitors have come and gone, but I STILL own the only shop in Germany that sells nothing but old film posters.

What’s next?

So what else is new? I have quite a lot of new material lined up that will have to go on the website over the next months. The new material includes more than 1500 German movie posters from 60s, 70s, and 80s. I have about 300 German arthouse movie posters from Atlas/Kirchner distribution, roughly 100 martial arts film posters, a large number of film or actor related exhibition posters, and more.

Plus a small collection of STAR WARS movie posters (I’m almost sold out on the subject right, but more material is on the way) and a hand-picked collection of pre-war German movie posters, including several amazing designs. Both lots should go up on the website by February. Please be aware that I cannot answer any questions or fill want lists on the upcoming new additions.

Last not least, I have a lot more ideas for this blog, but I’m still fairly new to this matter and I had to learn that writing a blog is A LOT more work than I initially thought. Still, it is fun and I sincerely hope that I will find more time to donate to this project next year. There are still lots of infos and stories about vintage movie posters in my head that I would like to share with you over time.

I will take a few days off until the end of the year, but I will frequently check my emails. All open orders will ship between the years and I am also available for appointments at the shop.

I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and successful start into 2023!

Best wishes,

Helmut Hamm
Galerie filmposter.net

A CHRISTMAS STORY original release German movie poster

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On the Subject of Dry Mounting Movies Posters

By on August 12, 2022

I received an email today asking me if it had been a good idea to have his original movie poster for MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO dry mounted. Here’s a sample image of the poster in question:

My Neighbor Totoro

The answer is: NO. NO. NO. And again: NO. Never ever have your vintage movie posters dry mounted!

Unfortunately, ignorant, run-of-the-mill frame shops still frequently recommend this technique. While it is widely accepted for modern photography and digital prints, it is an absolute no-go for vintage posters. It is also absolutely unacceptable to most serious collectors. Technically, dry-mounting is sometimes reversible, but it needs a highly skilled restorer to do so, and it does not always work. Also, depending on the glue that was used, ugly stains may remain on the back of the poster, so it would have to be rebacked to be presentable.

Basically, the only two backing options allowed are linenbacking and paperbacking, and both have to be performed by professional restorers. DO NOT try this at home! I do remember a seller from the Arabian world (but living in Germany) who took the word ‘linenbacking’ literally and backed several of his posters on cut-to-size, white duvet covers. With weird imprinted patterns and all. Needless to say, this is not the way to go either. More information on linenbacking and paperbacking can be found in my INFO section.

How to find a good frame shop

Which brings me to the question on how to find a trustworthy frame shop. Of course, if you have a vintage movie poster shop in your area, the easiest way would be ask the owner for a recommendation. If that is not possible, confront the person at the frame shop with the term ‘conservation framing’. For your information, the University Products website offers an excellent summary on the topic.

The frame shop of your choice should be able and willing to explain the process to you. If you get the idea that the framer does not really know what he’s talking about, find somebody else. I’m serious.
A good framer might cost you more money to begin with, but it will be worth the expense over time.

I did not get the idea that the owner of the TOTORO poster is interested in selling, but although this is my all-time favorite anime movie poster, it is extremely in demand and it has become very hard to find, and the prices have gone up dramatically I would most likely refuse to buy it dry mounted. In this condition, in my perception, the poster is worth 20% at best compared to an unbacked copy, so it’s just not worth the hassle. And of course, it would have to ship flat, which is another nightmare in itself.

I have occasionally bought dry-mounted movie posters in the past, but only if it was something extremely rare and desirable like this one:

Ciao! Manhattan original world premiere movie poster

This poster was printed for the world premiere screening on CIAO MANHATTAN in Amsterdam in 1972. It also comes with a great provenance and it is my favorite poster on the film. Truth be told, I bought this framed in an online auction, so I did not know it was mounted on art board. On the other hand, it’s such a nice piece and so extremely rare, I would have gone for it anyway.

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Willie Nelson: The Man, the Myth, the Movie Posters

By on August 2, 2022

Woke up this morning with Willie Nelson singing ‘My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys’ in my head. For those of you who have not yet discovered the blessings of sad country music, here it is:

The song was written by Sharon Vaughn and originally taped by fellow country music outlaw Waylon Jennings. Willie’s version was recorded for the soundtrack of THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN in 1979 and can be heard in the opening credits. Truth be told, I never liked any of the movie posters for this film (or the movie itself) too much, so I don’t have any of them in stock right now and I’m not overly eager to replace them.

What I DO have in stock, and here comes part one of this blatant cross-marketing attempt, is a US insert for HONEYSUCKLE ROSE from 1980:

Honeysuckle Rose Insert

The movie is pretty much a two hour long country song and more or less recommended to Willie Nelson fans only. Willie’s now classic song ‘On the Road again’ was nominated for an Academy Award but did not win. It did win another award, though: Amy Irving received the first ever Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress for this one. I always thought that was a tad unfair. She sure ain’t no great actress, but I did not think she was that bad either.
Honeysuckle Rose is of course the name of Willie’s tour bus, that can also be seen in the poster.

And since this is a cross-marketing post: I also have the US Onesheet for THE RED-HEADED STRANGER from 1986 available:

Red Headed Stranger US Onesheet

The movie is based on Willie’s immensly successful album of the same name. In my book, the album is one of the all-time greatest country music recordings ever. It definitely is a lot better than the film…
On the other hand, the movie gave us this wonderful Willie Nelson poster. For me, this one has everything any serious fan could wish for.

Needless to say, in the world of vintage movie posters, cross-marketing attempts like this one never really seem to work, but I figure it can’t hurt tryin’ either…

Happy Trails,

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My first post ever: Welcome to the filmposter.net Blog!

By on July 19, 2022

2022 has already been an eventful year for me: After almost 15 years, I relaunched the website, I turned the shop into a permanent exhibition space (a project that has been in the making for almost 20 years) and I am now starting my own BLOG, something else I have been contemplating for a l-o-n-g time…

To be honest, I have no idea yet where we will be heading here. Over those last 35 years of collecting movie posters, I discovered lots of interesting stories, quirky anecdotes, background information, and whatnot. I’m not a fan of the so-called ‘Social Media’, and you won’t see me on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Still, every now and then, I thought ‘Gosh, I wish I had a place to share this one…’ Well, finally, here it is.

One part of this blog will be to present and discuss my new shop exhibition, as well as individual other pieces from my collection. Like the original, screen-used James Bond 007 OCTOPUSSY movie prop sign you see below. More on that one later on.

That is one idea, and others may follow, so let’s see where we will be going here. If you have any interest in vintage, international movie posters (and/or other pop culture relics) you are most welcome to join me for the ride. I think you will find this blog quite entertaining. And who knows, every now and then you might even learn something you did not know before.

So much for starters, about time to get some real work done. Waiting for orders, for example…

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