Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2022

Another weird year at Casa Postercowboy comes to an end and once again it is time to say thank you to all of you out there who supported me through the year.

I still find it amazing that I managed to survive in the movie poster business for 27 years by now, 23 years as a full-time business, and 19 years as a shop owner. It has not always been easy, but every single day of the year, it still beats getting a job!

When I opened my first shop in 2004, Galerie filmposter.net was the only gallery in Germany that exclusively sold vintage, international movie posters. Almost twenty years ago, online competitors have come and gone, but I STILL own the only shop in Germany that sells nothing but old film posters.

What’s next?

So what else is new? I have quite a lot of new material lined up that will have to go on the website over the next months. The new material includes more than 1500 German movie posters from 60s, 70s, and 80s. I have about 300 German arthouse movie posters from Atlas/Kirchner distribution, roughly 100 martial arts film posters, a large number of film or actor related exhibition posters, and more.

Plus a small collection of STAR WARS movie posters (I’m almost sold out on the subject right, but more material is on the way) and a hand-picked collection of pre-war German movie posters, including several amazing designs. Both lots should go up on the website by February. Please be aware that I cannot answer any questions or fill want lists on the upcoming new additions.

Last not least, I have a lot more ideas for this blog, but I’m still fairly new to this matter and I had to learn that writing a blog is A LOT more work than I initially thought. Still, it is fun and I sincerely hope that I will find more time to donate to this project next year. There are still lots of infos and stories about vintage movie posters in my head that I would like to share with you over time.

I will take a few days off until the end of the year, but I will frequently check my emails. All open orders will ship between the years and I am also available for appointments at the shop.

I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and successful start into 2023!

Best wishes,

Helmut Hamm
Galerie filmposter.net

A CHRISTMAS STORY original release German movie poster

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